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June 2007



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Jun. 23rd, 2007


(no subject)

General Information

Name: Kip Einbrecher
Nicknames: By some women, he's been called God and Yes.
Age: 23

  • Psychology

    IQ: slightly above average
    Phobias/Fears: imprisonment, castration
    Religious Beliefs: Survival
    Intolerances/Annoyances: His pet parrot, the effete nobles, having to forge passports, unpickable locks, his rarely-works-when-needed wall scaling charm, class divides
    Quirks/Habits: Here there be cigarettes. He has a pack on his person at all times.

  • Family

    Parents: Julian and Isabel Einbrecher
    Siblings: None
    Spouse/Serious Lover: None
    Children: None, but he has a pet parrot named Deus that annoys him to no end. The name is short for Deus Ex Machina, since once the parrot saved his life, the only reason why it hasn't been roasted yet.

    Present Background

    Occupation: Thief
    Education: Homeschooling
    Major: ...Thievery
    Activities: Stealing, telling stories, wooing women
    Home: the capital of the country of Terra, Cicero.
    Friends: another thief named Raelin, and the man practically has his own scattered harem.
    Finances: Tight. Though he steals many an expensive trinket, he's saving to free his parents from jail.

  • Appearance

    Height: Tall.
    Eyes: Blue
    Hair: black
    Face & Complexion: somewhat pale
    Build: thin but nimble
    Defining Marks: A charming smirk that pisses off men and attracts barmaids.
    Dress Style: Though but a lowly thief, Kip likes to wear finery, even if it is the dress of royal butlers, or any simple suits. Somewhat in between Victorian and Edwardian.
    Manner of Speech: Mockingly astute.
    Manner of Movement: Swift and slinking

  • Romantic

    Marital Status: Single
    Sexual Preference: Straight
    Past Relationships: ...A lot.
    Present Relationship(s): ...Probably more.

  • Other: Kip loves knives almost as much as he loves women. he doesn't kill people, but he uses them when necassary. Even though he's a ladies' man almost to the point of being a womanizer, he has a good heart, and can respect any woman with a will as strong as his.
  • Mar. 18th, 2007


    (no subject)

    I found my birthday to be quite enjoyable. A pleasant lack of the unpleasant nobles in the Gaean court, and some excellent after hours presents, courtesy of my dear Lady Ana. For once we managed to elude Fata, and Edward was distracted by Queen Camilla and his maid friend. A strange wonder that a queen can still attend parties during a time of war. I suppose the noble mind is beyond my understanding. But as long as I reside in Gaea, I must feign alligence. Then again, my loyalty to the Terran crown isn't exactly a shining example, so it's not a completely repugnant act to my senses. Besides, I have yet to investigate those involved in that act of the occult...

    In other news, I share Ana's sentiment of jealousy. That Gianni fellow is a lucky man to have Lady Sasha's bosom in his face all day. Though I daresay she favors me as well. Er. Um. Not that your bosom is unfavorable in comparison, my love.

    [Deus: Smooth Operator! Smooth Operator!

    Kip: HOW DO YOU KNOW I LISTEN TO SADE oh. sarcasm. Funny, bird. Very funny.]

    Mar. 2nd, 2007


    (no subject)

    Turn your ipod/music player on shuffle. From the first fifteen songs, put your favorite line(s) down, but not the name of the song or artist. Challenge your flist to name all fifteen songs!

    1. Some balls are held for charity
    Some for fancy dress
    But when they're held for pleasure are the ones that I like best
    My balls are always bouncing to the left and to the right
    It is my belief that my big balls should be held every night

    AC/DC - Big Balls: anastasia_de_w

    2. She walks with a bell clock around her neck
    So the hippies will think she's in with time

    3. Marguerita passion had to get her fix
    She wasnt well, she was getting sick
    Went to sell her soul, she wasnt high
    Didnt know, thinks she could buy it

    4. Kool [sic] thing, let me play with your radio
    Move me, turn me on baby-o
    I'll be your slave
    Give you a shave

    5. He works night shifts at the opera
    Watching the girls go by
    He's singled out tonight
    He's singled out every night

    Franz Ferdinand - Van Tango: anastasia_de_w

    6. Wandering from you
    Falling at your side
    Wandering from you
    Healing my desire

    Lacuna Coil - Comalies: anastasia_de_w

    7. Look at us today
    We've gotten soft and fat
    Waiting for the moment,
    It's just not coming back
    So serious
    About the stuff we lack
    Dwell upon our memories
    But there are no facts

    8. Tiptoe down
    To the lonely places
    Where you going now
    Dont turn around

    9. You're walking in the night
    You walk alone
    The shadows whisper your name
    The stranger beckons you, like none you've ever seen

    10. There are places I remember all my life, though some have changed
    Some forever, not for better
    Some are gone, and some remain
    All of these place had their moments with lovers and friends, I can still recall
    Some are dead and some are living
    In my life, I've loved them all

    11. Bounce, wiggle, bounce, wiggle
    Shaking all them pains out
    Chemical cutthroat,
    About to blow the brain out

    Gorillaz - All Alone: anastasia_de_w

    12. And she was born in a bottle-rocket,
    With wings that ringed around a socket
    Right between her spine
    All drenched in milk in holy water pouring from the sky,
    I know that she will live forever,
    She won't ever die

    13. Eyes
    Boring a way through me
    Controlling completley
    There is a fire in me
    Fire that burns

    Franz Ferdinand - anastasia_de_w

    14. Late again
    My breathing is leaving after yours
    Stay one time
    Holding things I know you're asking for

    15. Ive seen the real atrocities,
    Buried in the sand,
    Stockpiled for safety,
    While we stand holding hands

    Feb. 21st, 2007


    (no subject)

    I escaped from the Dungeon of Kip E!

    I killed Raelin W the leprechaun, Kimi D the floating eye and Shijin T the rat.

    I looted the Wand of Pilfering, the Wand of Daggers, the Sword of Aaiden H, the Shield of Heledd E, the Armour of Thieves, the Sceptre of Gold, the Sword of Melpomene K, a Figurine of Abeni W, the Sceptre of Fata Morga and 21 gold pieces.

    Score: 121

    Explore the Dungeon of Kip E and try to beat this score,
    or enter your username to generate and explore your own dungeon...

    Quite a fitting form for you, Rae, is it not?

    Though dungeons usually have far better loot, themed or otherwise. And it's never really dungeons, so much as state treasuries and the like.

    Feb. 14th, 2007


    (no subject)

    So the inevitable war has begun. I'm quite disappointed, not only in the people of Gaea and Terra, but about the effects this will have on travel. Getting across the border undetected will be decidedly more tricky. And, of course, I'm currently in Gaea. I plan to get away from my parents to do the investigations I've been planning to do, but before that, I need to head to the Manor de Wulfe. The lady of the house isn't feeling very well, so I must perhaps rectify that.

    It is Valentine's Day, after all.

    Jan. 22nd, 2007


    (no subject)

    Well, today I was met with an unexpected surprise. I was walking through a market near Hera and I found my... parents.

    [Isabel: Well, don't you sound happy to see us!

    Julian: Ah, leave the boy alone. He wasn't expectin' it.

    Kip: I suppose I get to keep all of the treasure I've collected, then?

    Isabel: Ohoho! Still a comedian, aren't we, my sweet?

    Kip: ...]

    ...It's a lovely reunion. Really. Apparently they met up with an old wizard friend of theirs on the inside who had just been arrested on some trumped up charge. All it took was a few charms and they were out. They had a few other interesting stories.

    Deus has taken a liking to them, to no surprise of mine.

    Private to AnaCollapse )

    Jan. 20th, 2007


    (no subject)

    In 2007, kip_e resolves to...
    Stop ganking with aaiden_h.
    Get back in contact with some old thieves.
    Overcome my secret fear of knives.
    Lose ten jewels by March.
    Ask my boss for a silver.
    Give up pilfering.
    Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

    I don't believe I've met that woman, let alone ganked alongside her. Nor do I fear knives... and why would I wanted to lose ten jewels?! Like hell I'll give up pilfering. Hmph.

    [Deus: I'm the boss! I'm the boss!

    Kip: Last I checked you don't have silver.

    Deus: Bollocks! Bollocks!

    Kip: ...Pervert.

    Deus: Pot and kettle!

    Kip: Faugh.]

    PrivateCollapse )

    ((This is my default PB, aka sexy Mr. Bond/Craig. <3))

    Dec. 24th, 2006


    (no subject)

    Happy birthday, Lady Anastasia. You'll be receiving my gift later on, preferably in your four poster bed.

    Dec. 17th, 2006


    (no subject)

    Argh. Botched a job, wouldn't it figure. I got cocky after that stash of jewels I stole from the governor's house in Cicero, I guess. Outside the Black Forest, now. I think I'm going to have to hide out in Gaea for a while. One good thing about all these tensions, Terran authorities won't dare follow me into Gaen territory. Then again, they might be afraid of the forest.

    The bird followed me. Of all the company I could get...
    [Parrot: Learn to lock a cage! Learn to lock a cage!
    Kip: Where do you learn how to say these things?!]

    private to selfCollapse )

    Nov. 23rd, 2006


    (no subject)

    I stole a turkey today, and the previous owner was more angry than people usually get when I steal ugly birds.

    [Parrot: Watch it! Watch it!

    Kip: Not my fault that you aren't a looker.]

    Ah well. I like turkey with a side of cranberries, but there's not a chance in hell that I'm going to some D&D inspired swamp to mash up my own. I guess I'll put on some rags and guilt the nunnery into giving me some potatoes.

    The world, meanwhile, grows ever more interesting. I might go investigate some of these strange happenings. I may be a criminal in the eyes of the law, but I don't do kidnappings, or murder for that matter. These people who are giving my profession a bad reputation may need a nice talking to.

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