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kip_e's Journal

Kip Einbrecher
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Kip Einbrecher

(Last name is German for "burglar")

Age: 23
Gender: Male
Country/Organization/etc: Terra/Neutral
Race: Human
Occupation: Thief
Bio/History: Kip was born to two loving parents in Terra's city of Cicero, although none of the neighbors knew the loving parents also happened to be adept thieves. The reason they didn't know was because the couple had reformed, or so they said. They had met escaping prison, and subsequently got married. The couple moved to Cicero because they felt they had found God; when Kip was born they named him after an obscure holy place and swore he would end up being a priest.

Obviously, such things didn't happen, but for a few years, Kip's parents got along well making an honest living. Around Kip's third birthday, however, people in their neighborhood noticed things going missing. Even things that had been placed behind doors enchanted to be small. They were big enough, though, for a toddler to crawl through. It would seem that Kip's family had fuliflled the cliche of "old habits die hard," and Kip's life in a long family line of thieves began. Fortunately, once they had revived their careers, Kip's parents realized that "Beera" was a very silly name to give a child, and started calling him Kip due to his habit of taking long naps.

The family kept their house in Cicero, but traveled all over the world in search for the most expensive and dangerous loot. When Kip turned thirteen, he inherited one of his family's many heirlooms, that had most likely been stolen at some point itself. It was an amulet that allowed its user to climbs walls and walk across ceilings. Kip soon discovered that it worked only when it felt like it. Magic had always been fickle with him.

Another thing Kip noticed from an early age was that the profession of thief was becoming increasingly difficult for humans. It was simple enough to steal from his own kind, but when he came across other races, the less his family looted. His parents were reluctant to try stealing from faeries and elves. Seeing this, Kip made it his goal in life to not only become the greatest human thief, but the greatest thief of all races. He wasn't prejudiced, only ambitious.

When Kip was sixteen, his parents were caught during a job. Kip had been staying home with a cold, and he later thanked the chilly weather for it. Being in Gaea at the time, his parents were sent to a Gaen prison. They weren't treated poorly, having a cell together, but prison was prison. Kip made it his new goal to loot enough treasure to pay off his parents' charges. This goal, however, is constantly victimized by his habit of buying useless crap, which in turn gets stored in their house in Cicero. Kip doesn't stay there, since he prefers the life of a vagabond, staying with strangers or the occasional inn when he feels like giving them money. His charming demeanor usually allows him to stay with people for free, entertaining them with stories of his travels. His reputation as a thief is solid; when he visits Fortuna City he is met with a warm reception by most. He doesn't visit the famous thief city much, however. He considers most of the thieves there to be crass and inferior. His parents may have had sticky fingers, but they were kind hearted and proud, which was passed on to their son along with their kleptomania. He also has the habit to be a bit of a ladies' man, much to the rage of fathers throughout the worlds.

Now, at 23, Kip has quite a collection of treasure at home, but at the rate he's going, his parents wil have served all of their time long before he scrounges up enough money to pay for their fees.

Appearance: Kip wouldn't be good with women if he wasn't handsome. He stands at about 5'11", with a sleek build from years of running, stealing, and fending off angry guards. He has a full head of raven black hair, deep blue eyes, and an irresistible smile that could light up a room.
Personality: Even though he's a thief, Kip has a very serene and kind disposition and wouldn't hurt a fly unless it was standing in the way of some treasure. He often uses these aspects to advantage when he's fast-talking, but one can't blame him. He's technically only doing his job. Yet, the combination of kindness and thievery often makes Kip unintentionally infuriating.
Weapons: He likes daggers and throwing knives, but he'll use anything he can if he's in a sticky situation.
Abilities/Powers: He's good with knives, picking locks, and most other skills that a thief would have. He's pretty good with removing a corset. Also, he seems pretty good at getting into trouble, and not always with the law.
Other Notes: He claims to be neutral, but what he really means by that is that he will steal from anyone, anywhere, any time. Yes, he has stolen candy from babies, but unfortunately, they turned out to be the children of magic users, and he hasn't done it since the feathered ass incident. He could also be tempted into a spying job, but it'd have to pay extremely well and not offend his own personal beliefs.

Who else is love?
pseudomonas me scripsit anno 2005

Kip's PB is Balthier from Final Fantasy XII, and occasionally the lovely Walter C. Dornez from Hellsing: The Dawn, by Kouta Hirano. RL PB is Daniel Craig.